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Bathrooms can be colored in various ways in order for them to be visually appealing. One spends a substantive portion of one’s day inside the bathroom. Hence doing up the bathroom in a decorative manner is quite important. The colors which are used to paint the walls of a bathroom should be cool shades. Cool shades induce a sense of comfort and make the person bathing or using the bathroom in any other way feel completely at ease. Examples of colors which can be used to paint bathrooms are many, of which some really stand out as hot favorites.

1. The blue and yellow color scheme is a popular color scheme for bathrooms. This is generally used in bathrooms that are small in size.
blue and yellow color bathroom
2. The red and green bathroom is also a well known color scheme that can be used in bathrooms, particularly in those that are meant for children.
red and green bathroom
3. A white and yellow color scheme would be perfect for the bathrooms of working professionals. Such a color scheme has a somber aspect about it.
yellow white bathroom idea
4. The yellow and green color scheme is also a good scheme to opt for when painting bathrooms, especially if the apartment or house is one that is located in the suburbs.
 yellow and green bathroom
5. An orange and white color scheme is known to have long lasting value.
Small Orange bathroom with floral wallpaper
6. This along with the blue and white color scheme, are favorites among women living in the city.
blue white bathroom
7. If one is looking to paint the bathroom in a truly innovative way then one can opt for a black and red color scheme. Such a color scheme would make the bathroom seem like an excellent place to escape to in order to relax and unwind.
Modern red and black Bathroom
8. A grey and silver color scheme is one that is being used in the bathrooms of most apartments these days. Such a color scheme is also best reserved for the bathrooms of working professionals.
grey and silver bathroom
9. The bathroom of a young girl should feature a pink and white color scheme. This is because such a color scheme reflects feminine qualities.
sweet pink bathroom color
10. The bathroom of a young boy should ideally be yellow and orange. These colors symbolize energy which young boys are mostly brimming with.
orange children-bathroom
Thus, there are different kinds of color schemes that one can opt for when decorating bathrooms. The color schemes chosen should not induce a feeling of suffocation. Rather they should induce a sense of comfort.

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