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Are you bored with the way your living room looks? Perhaps it has been a while since it was decorated and you now feel that it’s in need of an update?No matter how much you might love your decor when it’s first done, the passage of time can make you feel as though you want to throw everything out and start anew. However great that sounds, if you don’t have the cash to replace everything in your room, here’s 6 ridiculously easy ways to give your living room a new look without breaking the bank:
focal wall ideas for living room
1. Add a focal wall
Even if your paintwork is fresh and clean, a new coat of paint on a single wall in a contrasting or complementary color can add a whole new look to your room. Why not experiment with painting the wall around your fireplace in a deeper color? Or, if you’re good at decorating, using a statement wallpaper on one wall is an easy way to change the whole feel of the space.

2. Add in one new item
Sometimes adding a new element into your room can work wonders – whether that’s simply a colorful print or a new piece of furniture, one new item can make a room feel a whole lot different. If you’re looking for quality furniture at a reasonable price, why not hunt down ex-showhome furniture? It’s as good as new, but without the hefty price tag.

3. Rearrange your furniture
While this seems super easy, it really works. Whenever you feel as though your room is in a rut, simply changing the positioning of your furniture can add a new dimension to the area. Has your sofa always been against a particular wall? If yes, try moving it under a window or positioning it at an angle in the center of the room. Bear in mind that it may take a little while to find an arrangement you like, and you may also need to enlist some assistance to move the heavier pieces of furniture.
furniture facelift living room
4. Give your furniture a facelift
Can’t afford to buy new furniture? Why not give your existing pieces a facelift? Of course, it’s easy to update sofas and chairs with new pillows and throws, and even adding a bit of extra stuffing to old cushions can give an old sofa a new lease of life. However, why not try something different and repaint some of your wooden furniture, or simply give it a good sand down and re-varnish? For a wilder and more modern look, try painting the legs of your sofa or table in a bright color.

5. Add some extra storage
Yes, we know that de-cluttering rooms is the current trend, but adding some extra shelves or a storage unit to display your favorite treasures is one way to add a focal point to your room. Try creating a theme for your display that can be changed with the seasons.

6. Throw down a rug
While most of us opt for a fairly neutral rug to blend in with our decor, a colorful rug is almost like a piece of art for the floor. Just remember, if your rug has a busy design, keep the rest of the room fairly neutral.

As you can see, these are all simple but very effective ways to give your living room a new look.

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