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With the New Year there often comes an urge to make big changes, across many different aspects of our lives. Clothes go down to the charity shop and new ones are purchased, cupboards get spring cleaned and emptied to make room for all the new stuff that came into the house over Christmas and people start thinking about what they can do to make 2012 different to the many years which preceded it.

If you’re thinking about updating your living room, simply changing the seating could give the whole room a new look and it’s a fairly easy step to take. Sofas used to be ranked among those kinds of items that you’d purchase once in a decade, or maybe longer. Today though, there is so much cheap furniture around that most people can afford to change big pieces of furniture more frequently.

As a result, sofas have become far more fashionable – and styles, fabrics and shapes change more often. They’re no longer something that you have to stick with for years – you can update them too, if the mood takes you.

The traditional sofa and two armchairs that most of us remember from our childhood homes have gone out of vogue in recent years, although of course they are still around for those of you who prefer to have traditional furniture in their homes.

Far more common today is to go for the double sofa combination, or the choice of having one big corner sofa with enough room for all the family.

Recliner sofas are great for relaxation – they provide support for your entire body in the fully reclined position, and some of the electric models even have additional features like massage function and heated cushion pads.

Looking around any sofas sale – either online or on the high street – you will find a huge array of sofa shapes and sizes to choose from. Once you’ve made that choice, you’ll need to decide what kind of fabric you want – whether it’s a choice ruled by practicality – like wipe-clean yet smart leather or a choice that’s made on looks. Some fabric sofas are beautiful, but may not be practical choices for a family with young children.

One of the most important things to think about when choosing new furniture for the living room is that it fits comfortably in the space you have, without making the space feel crowded.

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