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One of the things that make a room livable is the lighting. Having the right lighting not only makes a room bright; it also sets the mood for the given space. Light affects people in many ways, including their character and personality, so if the light is a bit too dim or too glaring, the effects show on the individual’s attitude too.

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Are you starting to feel restless and uneasy in your own home? If you can’t find any reason to feel uncomfortable in your room, then it may have something to do with the lighting. It may be time for you to tweak your lights to gain some balance around the house, and you can start with these tips:

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1. Begin with a center light. A center light serves as the main light of the room. It should be bright enough to cover the entire room space. A light that gets dim in the corners or walls means it’s not enough to conquer the whole room space, so it is important that you find one that makes the whole room bright.

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2. Install supplemental corner lights. Corner lights meanwhile offer a warm appeal to the room. They are used more as accents, especially when the center light is no longer in use. Corner lights are important because they provide adequate lighting in the certain areas of the room without affecting the entire space.

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3. Scatter the center light with multiple lamps. If your room is too wide and cannot be covered by just one center light, then you may scatter the lights with multiple lamps instead. Multiple lamps can brighten up the whole space whenever necessary, and as well focus on certain areas depending on your mood.

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