Be Bold With Colour

The secret to giving rooms a great look is by using colour which complements the room and your lifestyle and there are some dramatic changes you can make with a little decorating know-how.

For those who have seen many of the decorating programmes you will be aware of the feature wall, normally it’s a wall with a bold pattern or block of colour on it. For instance in the bedroom, the feature wall could be behind the bed and the bedding incorporating on the key colours of the wall. It’s not just feature walls that can create impact in the bedroom; bold bedroom furniture can give an instant lift to tired decor.

However, the latest in design trend is making the whole room striking from the outset; the colour of this season is botanical leaf greens, giving that organic feeling throughout the whole room. If your style is classic then a great colour would be olive green, however avoid overly yellow greens as this can make the space look dull. To find the perfect colour for your room, make use of paint samples and try to get a good block of colour for each sample. You will need to view the colour at differing times of the day to ensure, it still looks good with varying light conditions. Once you’ve chosen your colour, make sure you paint your woodwork white and if you can get white with a hint of lime, it will only add to the striking effect of your room.

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If you feel creating a room with a solid bold colour is not quite you, then you can make a room look equally stunning with white and inject colour through the use of fabrics and furniture. However, white can appear clinical and possibly a bit bland, therefore to lift it out of this area requires a hit of lime or a zest yellow and combine with a mouth-watering orange shade.

You can also create a dramatic room with the use of dark tones; the key is not to drown the room in a solid dark colour but to counterbalance it with crisp white woodwork or white gloss wardrobes if in a bedroom, this all helps to break up the darkness.

A little know-how can create a wonderful home for you and your family, with striking contrasts and bold statement decor which will give the edge to any room, giving your home the wow factor.

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