Home Interior Design Tips Benefits of a Restricted Color Palette

Are you always having trouble deciding on the colors to use in your home interiors? This may be because there are a lot of ideas that you want to incorporate. Of course, who doesn’t want a gray, boring home, right? Every one of us dreams of a vibrant atmosphere inside the house, but we just don’t know exactly how to do it.

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If you are starting to get cranky with the myriad of colors that you want to use in a particular area of your home, then maybe it’s time you check out muted color schemes instead. These color palettes make use of only a few colors-one or two shades actually. A restricted color palette, such as black and white combos or transitional pinks or blues, provides a lot of opportunities for design. Among its benefits include:

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1. You can perk up with the accents. A restricted color palette gives more space for you to perk up on the accents without making your room overly decorated. This is because you already have a color guide to follow, and the accents you’ll use are those that fit well with the present scheme.

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2. Muted color palettes are more versatile. Color schemes that make use of only one to two shades are very malleable to changes. You can go rustic or contemporary, vintage or artsy without losing the overall style. This is because you no longer have to work on the colors-just the other elements you want to add on the given space.

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3. The ambience still looks cool. With a muted color scheme, your eyes are not stressed with the overall look of the space. Despite the presence of accents, your eyes are able to rest and relax, as the baseline shades help keep the other bright colors look subtle.

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