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If the lights of Christmas tree have suddenly tripped; it does not mean that your Christmas requires lights that need to be repaired. Christmas tree lights can go out for several reasons, many of the time, one can probably fix it oneself.


If you have discovered that tree lights are not working properly, try one of the below-mentioned fixes before planning to buy replacement strands.

Check connections


It doesn’t take much time for a strand of lights to become unplugged from the main source. It is important to check the connections and see why lights are no longer working. Make sure that you check all the connections of cords that is used in decorating the tree, including the extension cord and button cord.

Check out the extension cord


At times the power outrage is not in the wall, but extension cord or button cord may be hampered. So, the best option is to plug the cords into another outlet and see if it works. If it does not work; then switch to extension cords to solve the issue.

Blown fuse


Its an evident fact that too many lights can lead to a problem of blown fuse. These fuses are available in the plug-in-part of Christmas lights that can be accessed by sliding back the cover of the plug. A blown fuse has a small black mark somewhere near the centre. Removed the fuse and substitute it with a working one. Extra fuse are available in the plug as well. To prevent bulb from blowing out, remove one of the lights from Christmas tree.

Reset GFI


GFI stands for ground fault interrupter. It is an outlet that is equipped with inbuilt circuit to eliminate problem of shock. While these are available in bathrooms and kitchens, older home also have it. To restore the power, check the bathroom power outlets with GFI. Once you find the same, press the reset button.

See the breaker box


If you have lost connection to other outlets too where Christmas tree is situated, check the breaker box. There may be a possibility that switch may have been tripped. The breaker box controls the power of your home and it is usually available near the back door.  The indication that breaker box is tripped is it will be in off position. Flipping switch to on position will solve the problem. If the breaker pop off again, then simply you have many lights on Christmas tree, hence you need to remove a strand to prevent this from happening.


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