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The year 2014 is dedicated to foxes, and the new design that is hitting the high street market is fox. Yes! But forget conventional fox and hounds- we are talking about cheeky attitude laden foxes. Here are 5 ways to decorate home with this trend:

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Fox Cushion– The fox cushion looks simple and elegant, and it is the best way to incorporate this trend. It’s bold, simple and ideal for your kid’s bedroom or a space as old as old wine. It costs a bit exorbitant, but it is worth it.

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Fox plate– It is less contemporary and more appealing. This curious fox plate can be part of your home by adding it in your dinner table. It can also work as a decorative piece. Plus it is cost-effective and complements your space.

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Figurine– The curvy lines of the stoneware figurine attracts everyone’s attention. This is a mid century decoration item that is prevalent even today. You can even add a sideboard to create a best effect. Bit expensive may or may not suit your pocket.

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Framed Photo Print– The fox inspired framed photo print is apt for kids bedroom, but it is a fun way to decorate adult bedroom or a loo too. Costs less and creates effect in the room.

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The Mug– The fox shaped mugs are a new way to decorate the home. It comes in various designs and has a woodland appeal. Costs very less and adds punch to the room.

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