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Cottage style homes carry a subtle country appeal, and they are a cross between rustic and shabby chic. If you want to follow this style then you should be well aware with the decorations that you are going to use, as they will be the ones to give life to the room space and highlight the theme.

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It’s easy to decorate a cottage style home. You can start with the following items:


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Yes, flowers are an important aspect in this kind of home interior. You should have a fresh bouquet of flowers as centerpieces in the dining and living rooms, and as well as some on the window vases. Flowers bring a touch of fresh air in the room, and they also give a pop of color to the otherwise neutral space.

Simple wood structures

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Unlike in the shabby chic style, cottage style furniture pieces should be simple and light. They don’t have to be intricately detailed as they value function over style.

When shopping for furniture pieces, pick those that are simple but classy. Versatile sets can be chosen too, as they serve as bridge to other home interior themes.

Opposites Attract

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When it comes to prints and patterns, you can be playful and mix and match the ones you like, even if they clash. You can use heavy colors for the table linens and carpets, as they give an accent to the neutral space. Clashing stripes and patterns also offer a dramatic vibe, and they can be used to cover dark and unused spaces, just so to maintain a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere in the house.

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