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Designing and decorating a room needs high levels of creativity and thought process. There are certain traditional home décor ideas and habits that we follow without questioning. But do we realize that most of these tips are considered as fallacies by interior designer experts? Well, go through this article to know what is right and what is wrong for your home. These innovative ideas are well crafted and thought carefully:


Insufficient Light arrangements–  making the home too bright or too dim is a strict no no and it is a common mistake that most of the people commit to. Ensure that you are illuminating a room properly. This can vary depending upon the size and function of the room, like a drawing room needs more light as compared to bedroom.


Don’t make it too matchy matchy-though mix and match is essence of interior home decoration but beware in an exact matching concept. It is always a better idea to add contrast in a room. Making it too matchy matchy will make the room look monotonous and dreary. Carpets, curtains, painting, rugs can be incorporated ro enhance the overall look.


Think about permanently fixed utilities– do you wish to keep all furniture and facilities in a similar position without a change throughout several years? If yes, then it’s ok and if not, don’t opt for in-built fridge and oven in the kitchen. Avoid designing a room depending upon furniture and home décor.


Keep room in a right proportion– disproportionate décor is one of the commonest home décor mistakes that we people commit. Size of the rugs, wall hanging, length of the curtain, comes under this purview. Ensure that home décor and utilities is in correction proportion and it complements with overall size of the room.


Making a room too much formal– avoid giving your room a hotel like look. Probably, it is the worst disaster that anyone can make. Taking yourself too seriously can end up in a disaster. Try to add personal touch to the room.


Don’t neglect the foyer area of a room– remember that you will never get a second chance to make an impression. One of the most common interior décor mistakes is leaving your foyer area neglected in terms of decoration and design. Try to make foyer area as much attractive as you can. Give a personal touch to area by adding a family photo.

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