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Decorating your home according to the zodiac signs seems to be an interesting task. Here’s how you can do that:



Sagittarius is born travelers. Their homes can be filled with posters and souvenirs. Shades of purple, royal blue, turquoise are the best for them. Decorating the living room with family photos make the home lively!



The Capricorn is down to earth style and what gives their home a warm feeling is fire place mantle. Traditional things and their love of natural materials and artifacts attracts them to ceramic tiles, so make sure things are made from clay and ceramic. Grey and green are perfect shade for them.



Aquarians are ruled by Saturn and are more interested towards the mystery of astronomy and astrology, so decorate their room with elements that incorporate planets and stars. Soothing shades of violet and blue attract them. Metallic shades interest them so try having furniture and accessories made from metal.



Individuals born under this sign like the shades of blue and green. However, their intuitive personality makes them dreary so open spaces are best for them. Big windows and ample sunlight is the best.



Aries is a sign that includes energy level; people born under this sign should stick to decorating their home using shades like yellow, orange and red. Aries are more attracted to gadgets and their hobbies include playing on game console. Creating a gym will do wonders for you.



Taurus is guided by Venus and hence deep earthy tones are the best for them. Coloring a Taurus room would include shades of green, pink or deep earthy tones. Placing some fresh flowers could create a cozy atmosphere and adding woolen rugs and blankets would create harmonious feeling. Comfortable and creative setting appeal to them!



Having a strong inclination towards communication abilities, Gemini loves to stick indoors. They are passionate about photography, books, writing and spending more time at home. Now, colors of light blue, green and yellow are the best. As they have dual personality, they like to have best of both the worlds.



Cancer is generally warm people. Comfort is top priority when it comes to home decoration. A room that adds warmth and offer protective ambiance attracts the most. A cancer person is drawn towards cool shades so painting their room in white shade, silvery tones or periwrinkle is perfect. A comfortable sofa with cushions is inviting.

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