Designing Tips for Living Room and Kitchen

Whether you want to liven up your room or bathroom. Here we have presented some of the decoration tips that can make your home look vivacious and wonderful.

Go for glass front cabinets- It is a great incentive for forcing your family to be organized. Any clutter including dishware needs to be put back in the right place to make the space visible. Try storing things for everyday dishware above the work surface, while hiding the pans and pots behind the closed door.

Try to create your kitchen island- Go and buy stainless steel wire mesh trolleys by Metro shelving and buy a big stone slab or opt for a butcher block to place it on the top.

Go for attractive containers for those items that are lying on the kitchen counter. Go for modern canisters for various items like sugar, pasta, along with a matching tray for both oils and vinegars.

Go for stylish storage- Stylish Storage is the modern trend like for instance, you can opt for bread basket, water pitcher and large mixing bowls. These are both contemporary and functional kitchen objects that is both easy and convenient even when they are not in use.

Change kitchen cabinets and hardware- Change the old looking glass knobs and try for something more trendy and classic.

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