Home Interior Design Tips Feng Shui fertility ideas

Feng Shui fertility ideas are there to encourage healthy, fresh energy towards home. It creates an open, spacious and clean area for conception that can happen effortlessly with ease and grace. Avoid overgrowth of the plants. Even take care of where you park a car. Is it on street or on front door, thereby blocking positive energy from coming in.  In this article, we have provided feng shui fertility ideas:


Colors that affect Fertility

Apart from fertility friendly green colors, other colors also have an impact on fertility. Painting the wall behind the bedroom in a light yellow color aids in conception efforts. It may be because the colors is mostly associated with fertility is orange, yellow( the color that exhibits child’s energy). It makes a lot of sense to use a little bit of orange in the bedroom, as it would influence and aids in conception efforts. A word of caution: Just don’t go overboard with this shade, it is considered as an aggressive, stimulating shade that can prevent rest and relaxation if used in large dose.


Experts recommend, displaying enhanced fertility symbols like pomegranates or even baby animals also help. One little and simple feng shui care for fertility is allow several little children to jump on the marital bed, thereby energizing conception efforts and energy.



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