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The best part about the rainy season is to sit in leisure and enjoy steaming cup of snacks and tea with friends. Otherwise, the days seem dreary and gloomy. Your home looks all the more dreary when the décor is mostly in dark shades. Don’t let the gloom enter the home. Here are some brilliant ways to give your home a monsoon makeover:

Add carpet to the home


If your living room has an expensive carpet, it’s important to roll it up and store in a plastic cover till the end of the season. You can opt for bright carpets made from Polypropylene material, which is light in weight and easy to clean.

Add mosquito repellent bedsheet


Yes, the market is filled with collection of mosquito repellent bedsheets. They are actually a good investment to consider. These bed sheets are trendy and improve the look of the bedroom. The soothing color combination of these bedsheets is an ideal way to relax and unwind yourself from daily stress. Now, you can stay away from malaria, dengue and harmful skin infections with mosquito repellent bed-sheets.

A colorful wall clock in the kitchen does the trick


During monsoon weather, the kitchen areas become boring and gloom adds over it and coupled with the steam. You may even not realize this in cloudy weather. A colorful wall clock in the kitchen not only allows you to track cooking time but also complement with the kitchen area.

Buy a shoe rack


Nobody likes an entrance area filled with shoes and sandals, especially during monsoon season when it is dirty. Buy a shoe rack and keep your entrance clean and clutter free. These shoe racks can stack your footwear and of course family.

Create space for remote control


You can organize your multiple TV remote controls in remote organizer. Make some space on your TV table with these remote control organizers.

Water spray guns


You can keep your premises clean and dirt free especially during monsoon season specially the areas like entrance, window panes, closed area, bathrooms, etc. Use this spray gun to keep your home sparkling white. The powerful nozzle has power to clean stubborn stains too

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