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Conservatories can add value to your home and also be a major selling point – as it will also give you lots more living space indoors that can be used as a kitchen, living room, playroom, or dining room. But what can you do if you already have a conservatory, but it is in desperate need of a revamp?

• Blinds can be a fantastic investment, as they will keep you warmer in winter and also protect you from the glare of the sun in summer. Lightweight roller blinds are easy to raise and lower and you get the maximum amount of light when they are not in use. Special reflective blind fabrics are also available to keep your conservatory cool.

• The natural and muted color gives the space a textural and earthy feel. Bring nature indoors with nature-inspired color palettes containing greens, blues, browns, tans and cream colors are obviously fantastic in conservatories.

• Control your perfect environment with an automatic vent controller. We all know that conservatories can be freezing in the winter and boiling hot in the summer. Condensation is therefore a problem in the winter, but this can be countered easily by purchasing a vent controller. A conservatory rain sensor can also prevent rain from getting in through the vents by automatically overriding the vent controller at the first signs of rain.

• Furniture options are limited if you have ignored the above point, as condensation causes damp and mildew. Therefore you can only go for metal or plastic furniture due to their low absorbent furniture properties.

• Simple tiled floors are fantastic as you won’t have to worry about spillages. Tiles also keep cool in the sun and won’t cost you a fortune to install.

• Always use a similar color scheme as found in an adjoining area. A stark contrast of colors and themes will seem out of place.

• Use doormats inside and outside of the door to trap any moisture and dirt.

• The ceilings of conservatories are often neglected, but try hanging lanterns filled with trailing plants.

Following these fantastic suggestions will turn your conservatory into the ideal location for complete tranquility and relaxation.

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