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Both hardwood flooring and carpeting have its own share of advantages and disadvantages. Though the decision may be daunting, especially when you are unknown of its uses! Ultimately, decision depends upon who uses the room. In this post, we have presented you benefits and cons about the same.


Hardwood Benefits


Hardwood flooring offers several benefits as compared to carpeting, especially in bedroom.

  • Unparallel beauty that is hard to match
  • Improve sale ability of home
  • It lasts for longer time as compared to carpeting. Plus it can be refinished when desired.
  • In a home where pets live, hardwood flooring is better option
  • It doesn’t trap dust, stray hair, etc.
  • Perfect for people suffering from allergies
  • It doesn’t emit VOC- so in a way it is better than carpeting.



It is not best option for second floor bedroom because even a single object when dropped is audible in the room beneath it, depending upon home construction.

  • Wooden floor sometimes creak when you walk on them, thereby disturbing sleep of other.
  • Not scratch resistant. However, area rug can solve this issue.

Carpeting Benefits


Carpeting too offer several benefits like:

  • It gives visual appeal and warmth the bedroom.
  • It is soft on the feet when you get in middle of night to attend night’s call.
  • Less costly as compared to hardwood
  • Easy to remodel a carpeted room

Carpeting cons


Though it may be initially less expensive than hardwood flooring for a bedroom, but with passage of time you will feel that it actually costs more, as carpet has more wear and tear. Moreover, it becomes outdated far sooner than hardwood flooring. Carpets stain easily and traps stray hair and dust, so it is not suited for people suffering from allergies. If pets share the room dander, flies, and fur may go deep into the carpet fibres. Carpets attract fumes, mites and allergens more as compared to hardwood. It is thumbs down option for people suffering from allergies or asthma.


Whether carpeting or hardwood? Hope now you have got your answer. Like both sides of coin, both flooring have its own pros and cons with strings attached to it. Now, with help of this post, you could better understand why people opt for hardwood as compared to carpeting.

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