• Creating a Beautiful Wall Using Decals

    Wall decals are fast becoming very popular today because of their beauty and convenience. They can easily perk up any wall without taking too much time and effort, unlike that of wallpaper. Wall decals are also easy to remove in case you want a new look for your interior wall.

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    So how should you use wall decals? Well, there are a few tips you should follow when using these stickers, as they may look sloppy when attached the wrong way.

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    1. Clean the wall first.

    Before sticking decals, you should clean the wall that will be treated with decoration first. It is important to remove the dirt and dust because these will stick to the adhesive of the decal, thus reducing its ability to stick to the wall. You can scrub the wall first and leave it to dry, and once it’s ready you can start attaching the decals you have.

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    2. Arrange the stickers.

    When working on wall decals, you have to arrange them on the wall first before actually sticking them. You need to scale your wall otherwise the stickers would look either cramped or too dispersed, thus ruining the overall design of the space. You can also decide the kind of style you want to do on the wall prior to doing the real work.

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    3. Stick and get rid of the bubbles

    When sticking the decals on the wall, it is important to press them firmly and get rid of the air bubbles as they touch the surface. The air bubbles create patches of empty spaces inside the decals, making them easier to tear after a period of time.

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