How to accentuate dining table with right accessories?

A perfect and measured dinner crockery and right upholstery layout on the dining table enhances overall appeal of the room. Here we provide you tips on how to accessorize your dining hall in apt way without making a hole in your pocket.

Fundamental techniques that everyone should know

Remember the age old adage,” Cleanliness is next to Godliness” So, keeping this in mind start with clean, starched white linen tablecloth. It is acceptable to use other subtle color for your linen. Colored linen napkins can be used as a decorative piece. You can further add pop of color to it. Linen, placemats, matching napkins can also be used along with that. The first item on the tablecloth should be dinnerware. Remember place it in the middle of place setting. Each person’s tableware should be placed at an equal distance. In the center of every dinner plate there should be few basic accessories like napkins, folded elegantly or neatly rolled into a napkin ring.

Things that you need to keep in mind while laying a table

Remember place knives at the right of each plate. The general rule of thumb is the silverware should be kept that you need to use to. It should be kept in right order. Ensure that the knives are placed on the table with blade turn towards dinner plate.

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How to place knives, spoon and other accessories

Right- to the right of the knives, keep spoons. In majority of the cases, only a soupspoon will be used unless and until there is a melon fruit, in which melon spoon should be placed closest to the knives, and soupspoon should be kept first. Priority is of much more importance. Dessert spoons should be placed above the plate.

Left- to the left of the plate, keep forks. It should be also placed in order of priority. In majority of the cases, a seafood fork comes first, entree fork comes second and the last come salad fork. All the crockery should be placed at a distance from the table to keep the dining table look neat and tidy.

Think upon it

If you are hosting formal dinner, dress up your table as formally as possible. Once the tablecloth is spread across the dining table, take into consideration where to place dinnerware. Remember don’t get intimidated. Setting a formal table isn’t as difficult as you would think. Once you have learnt the basic rules and tricks, it’s perfectly ok, and your guests will remember the dinner party for years to come

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