Home Interior Design Tips How to accentuate home in an all white look?

An all white look is a great way to introduce peace and serenity in your home. But does it raises fear in your mind? Well, this article provides you tips on how to calm down your fast paced, noised, cluttered environment.

There is no denying fact that when it comes to home décor, it is not surprising that people are often wary of complete white look. Sandhya Gorthi, renowned director of suburban décor store gives seal of approval to this all white look and not just because it is trend. According to her, “ Our world is getting increasingly stressed out and nothing provides a more powerful visual and mental break other than white shade. An all white décor provides a canvas for a blank mind scape, where many creative people and other professionals can draw inspiration from. She further adds that since white shade reflects light, using it at home makes the space more cool and creates false illusion of space. Esha Gupta, interior designer at reputed firm adds, that this all white shade adds style in sense of freshness and openness. It also helps to deconstruct the cluttered space.



How to get it right?

One of the best ways of achieving an all white look is to begin with a white room and treat it as a canvas. Rooms with ceiling to windows to floor color it with white shade. Miheeka Bajaj, reputed interior designer at Design Pataki adds, “ the easiest way to work with white shade is to start with the larger surfaces like walls, flooring, furniture and then move to soft furnishings. Ivory with hint of gold looks elegant and fabulous. Opt for textures and patterns in the white to add character.


Raj Kumar Jain, founder of reputed store Anemos Lifestyle, thinks that the kitchens are the best place to incorporate white shade. A completely white kitchen with grayish marble countertops looks chic and modern. Not only this modern look looks elegant but it is also versatile and transeasonal. This style works well for bathroom too- you can add an accent wall if you feel too much of white shade is overwhelming. Whichever room you select, Gorthi designers suggests to play with monochrome and splashing varying shades around the room-egg shells sheets, ivory comforters andwhite accents when contrasted with yellow shades looks great. You can add different patterns of white to make it look interesting.

Tips that you need to consider

Of course there is such a thing called as an all white home décor. You would end up feeling un comfortable in your all white room. Overdoing of this shade would make the room feel hospital or clinic.


The perfect remedy is to select the right shade of white to give your space inviting look. Gorthi, interior designer adds that this trend is not apt for living room if you have kids and pets and should be avoided in high traffic zones. There is no denying fact that keeping the home pristine is a cumbersome task, so one needs to be smart about this look. Gupta further suggests that, using white in materials that are durable and easy to maintain is another remedy to abide by. Washable cotton Slipcovers and décor pieces are life saver.

Dusting the surface linens on regular basis or running the vacuum cleaner with a clean brush head attachment to remove surface dust, not washing fabrics just dry cleaning it at home and turning yes to home cleaning products when needed can save this look. Beyond a particular point white will not remain white, not even in stain resistant materials like corian or vitrified tiles.

What is the simplest way to get started?


The simplest way to get started with an all white décor is to start with large surface area like walls, flooring, furniture and furnishing.

If you don’t like an all white look, you can incorporate it in décor objects like showpieces in white.

Go monochromeby using different shades of white in a room. You can even contrast it with darker shades to create a chic look.

Use white shade as a theme and select elements like lamps and sofas.

The white shade truly adds refreshing touch to one’s home, but it needs to be added with caution.


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