How to clean rugs- Easy tips

What once was old can become new again, all homeowners need to rediscover the methods of cleaning.  Shag carpets or rugs have again made a comeback as a new and trendy way to decorate a room or an entire home. In present times shag carpets are deeply piled as compared to 1970’s and it come in variety of colors and materials. Like its predecessor this generation of shag carpets and rugs need lot of maintenance to keep them looking new. Here are some tips that you need to adhere to:

Regular vacuum- As the room requires lot of foot traffic; hence it becomes important to do regular vacuuming. Back in the year 1970; it was discovered that shag carpet was ideal; if vacuumed twice a week, and then vacuumed again from different angle. Some housewives also use yard rakes to fluff up their carpet. It is worth noting that shag carpeting is looped, so it tends to unravel easily. For this reason upright vacuums are not suggested to use on shag carpets since the beater bar catches the loops of the carpet and rip it out. Canister vacuum with a standard floor brush is recommended to use on shag carpet.

For small rugs, shaking outside is an easy way to remove dirt and dust. If the rug shows the signals of matting, a good sweeping along with a whisk or bristle broom will help to loosen the pile.

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Regular Cleaning- Just like any other carpeting, regular cleaning is required to remove dust and grime that reduces the life of the carpet. Smaller area rugs without backing of rubber can be thrown in the washing machine and washed using cold water. A gentle cycle is recommended. To dry the rug, toss in the dryer for 2-3 minutes, and then drape over the clothes line or a towel bar. Let it dry on an overnight basis.

Large rugs and carpet is required to be cleaned using shampoo. If you use a hair shampoo, the carpet needs to be at least once in a month. Just like vacuuming it takes two runs of the shampooer in the opposite direction.

If you don’t have a shampooer of your own, hire a commercial machine from home improvement store or grocery store. These machines are more powerful than a home version and are able to clean deeper dirt. Twice a year cleaning is recommended with a shampooer and is usually adequate, unless you have kids and pets.

Keep on rotating- In order to clean dirt from every nook and corner, it is better to rotate rugs and the furniture. To restore the bloom, small whisk broom and hand held potting rake help.

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