How to create inviting home?

Do you think paint is the only way to reinvent your home? Well, there are several other ways to make the space inviting as well as functional. In this post, we will provide you tips.

Is your home functional? Think whether a particular item fit your needs or not or is the kitchen table big enough to seat the whole of your family? Is the flooring adequate for your room?

Can I exchange it? Is the item worth the amount or would you rather have a singular upholstered couch or a whole bedroom suite for a same price?

Does it have symbolic value? Are you emotionally attached to a particular item or do you choose a collection of family photos for interior decor or print painting?

What does it signify? Does a particular item have a status symbol or does it reflect your personality?

Depending upon above-mentioned criteria, a person who selects a designer couch over a generic brand that offers plenty of room space will be considered as a person who is very concerned with social status. Conversely, if a person whose refrigerator is covered with artwork or postcards from friends trip will be seen as someone who is minimalist.

Visual tricks to create false illusion of space

It is an age old adage,”Dress for the job you like, not the job that you have” While this is a nice advice to clear the interview process, but don’t stop there. This sentiment can be applied to home interior designing as well. Interior designers use a concept  known as perception of space since decades to make the home appear more spacious and to make it as much user friendly as possible. This just means using visual tricks to alter how other view the space aroun them. If you need a room to make it appear larger, select furniture that is fit to the size and slimmer, place a large mirror on the back wall, create a depth by using wall hangings. People who want the space to make it feel more inviting can use warm color palette, create groupings, add vignettes, and offer plenty of ambient lights.

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Use Feng Shui at your benefit

If you want to add positive energy in your life, start by changing home interiors. The ancient feng shui has been practiced worldwide for over 3000 years and participants believe that adhering to these principle attract good luck, success, love and positive energy.

True adherence to these principle require lot of practice, research and analytic with a bagua or energy map and then use that readings to determine each aspect of interior decor- like colors, natural materials used. However, if you are not ready to take that step, there are sure things to add positive vibe in your home. Make sure your entrance is clean, colorful and inviting. Arrange all your furniture items to make your home visible and visually appealing. Decorate the home with natural elements like flowers and pebbles. Be sure to make your home clutter free.

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