How to enlarge your small living room?

You can do various things to make your small living room look stylish and large. In this article, we provide you tips on how to create false illusion of space.

Wall Colour

To make your small living room look large use white shades. White bounces light around the room and create open, spacious feeling. Also, move the focus from lack of space by employing something unique like accent wall or place a unique frame in a room.

Incorporate media centre in a room

Enlarge-your-room-with-decorating-techniques-for-small-living-room-decorating-ideas How to enlarge your small living room?
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While selecting a TV stand or media console for the living room, it’s best to avoid open storage style that can easily create feeling of clutter. Concealed storage space keep remote and DVD’s tidy, plus offers back panels that hide wires.

Light furniture

In a room where large space is luxury, it’s wise to select light weight furniture pieces that are comfortable and easy to move around.

Opt for multipurpose furniture

Invest in a single object that has multiple uses. For instance, one can use serving pitchers instead of vases for floral arrangements.

Select art pieces

The key to selecting right art pieces for small space is to opt for large, over-scaled pieces. Art pieces like these instantly add graphic focal point to the room and also offer a single colour source to paint and accessories that personalize the space.

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Incorporate coffee table in home

For laptops and other important items in home, consider c-tables. The bottom of these tables have c-shaped frame that tucks underneath the bed, keeping it securely supported in and out of the way. You can even make storage space underneath this c-table. It can also double up as breakfast or tea table.

Remove waste


Place a pin-up board or get one side of the wall completely covered with a roll of cork, where you can pin up all those small things that create mess in a room and get lost too. This way, also serve as a reminder for important meetings.

Circular decor works

Consider opting for round tables and chairs with a curve and rugs that are either in a particular shape or decorated with spiral designs.

Bed and bed sheet

You can have bed with lot of accessories. Layers and elegant mix and match of colours, prints and pillows can create a large space and make the room feel airier and will give a depth.


Add light up and down and all around to create interest and dramatic feeling. Lights are excellent ways to make home feel warm and inviting. Using different lamps throughout the space creates a warm glow in a room.

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Add mirrors in a room

If your space holds it, get a large mirror in front of bathroom sink. The mirror reflects light in the room. You can even opt for collection of mirrors arranged artistically in place of a single mirror.


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