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Mumbai is a town nestled with people, corporate and inspiration. Yes! You heard it right. Most of the people live in a myth that Mumbai is an overcrowded city meant for ambitious and greedy people. Well, its not true, here many of the creative people also reside, who give you inspiration in several ways. There are various top-notch interior designers that will offer you the best ways to décor your home in a budget. Well, in this blog post, we are limiting ourselves to the topic how to décor your home within budget rather we are expressing our view on how to take inspiration from Mumbai or how to transform your space.


What does Mumbai express?

The word Mumbai express multi-cultural, cosmopolitan city that offers a range of ideas for anyone interested in giving their home ultra modern and chic look. Though most of the Mumbai region suffers from space constraint, yet there are various ways on how to make innovative use of space and transform it into stylish and chic place. So, take inspiration from this blog post and add a high quotient of style and coolness to transform your place into a stylish, royal and funky space. Here are some tips on how to do so:

Consider painting the home– as told earlier, most of the Mumbai suffer from space issues, and if you want to make your home look more spacious, consider painting the wall in neutral shades. This will automatically give the room spacious and airy look. If you want to lend dramatic effect to the home, add bold shades to it.


Add bright color cushions– add bright and vibrant upholstery like curtains, cushions or even some art for contrast. Alternatively, you can add painting of the old times.


Clutter Free– don’t cram your space with a lot of furniture and other accessories. Instead, it is better to buy multifunctional furniture that exudes style and saves space. You can even make use of a vertical space with floor to ceiling bookshelves and cupboards to get that striking look.


Add lot of mirrors in the home- as told in the previous post, mirrors elongate the space or simply it creates false illusion of space.


Have lot of ventilation system installed- natural sunlight also renders illusion of space.


Don’t be afraid to experiment- ensure that you add  a lot of funky accessories and objects around the home, so that you can create a wow feeling in every nook and corner. Think about the curtains, cushions with bold and quirky designs, add contemporary photographs, create galleria or add other knick knacks from flea market.


At the end of the day, whether it is Mumbai or Madhya Pradesh, your home should reflect your style and personality, so go by your intuition when decorating your house. If you are adventurous, play with bold shades and funky design. If you are a quiet and introvert person, add soothing shades and a harmonious style.

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