Home Interior Design Tips How to invite prosperity through main door?

The main door is the most majestic and huge room of the home and it should be open inwards and the location of a main door or a plot is one of the most significant aspects of the home that adds stability in the home or office constructed. Ideally, the main door of the home should be in the auspicious grids of North-east, East, South, West, north corner of the plot (known as divison of the plot into grids), which should never be extended or cut portion of the plot. The main door of the home should never be in middle of the plot, as it can ruin the family being in the centre of commercial and residential complexes. Though religious places can have main doors at the centre.


The remaining doors and windows of the home or office should be in right proportion to the main door. There should be no door exactly opposite the main door. Keep the door lubricated. Always keep the back door of the building smaller than entrance door. The office or house should have even number of doors and windows.  There should be no obstruction in front of the main door.  It is important to take care of small things, so that we can really invite good luck to construction through main door.




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