Home Interior Design Tips How to make home entrance superb?

Giving a lasting impression to your home is by decorating the area around the front door. By decorating the doorway area of the door, you can add personal touch to the home and make your guests feel warm and inviting. A home foyer’s area need not to be afterthought. Here, we have rounded up some ideas on how to show off these spaces.

Commencing from adding Asian influence to gorgeous traditional wainscoting to under covers, the options are endless. Now, let’s start with it.


Nature inspired theme


Whether you stay in an independent villa or apartment, you will surely have some sort of walkway or doorway leading to the main door. This is where you should begib. Don’t place shoeracks in this area. Instead, add pop of colour to this area by adding plants. Go for low maintenance sturdy plants if they won’t be getting too much sunrays in that particular area. Layer the planters or pots with gravel and white pebbles to add appeal. Extend nature inspired decor and drape a single vine around the doorframe or the columns.

How to add appeal to exterior of the home?


For exteriors of the home dark colors, or brick work or stone work or even light colored wood door will complement it. Starting from elaborately designed door panels to painted motifs, there are large number of options to select from according to your taste and preferences. If the door has to be painted, then white is the safest option to select from. Other options that look the best include shades of yellow, purple or even red will work well, provided exterior of the home will support it. An ivy covered exteriors is best for setting such colors.

 How to lend character to main door

A Frameless Glass Shower Enclose by Glass and Ceramics Tiles of ceramics are covering this shower that completed by seat, enclosure by tiles of ceramic and wall glass. Neutral Shower and Bathtub that Made in Side by Side A bathtub and shower made side by side and the floor seem so compatible for a bathroom that need a simple design. Stainless Steel Bathroom Cupboard in a Contemporary Bathroom The cupboard made of stainless steel and Italian marble floor, wall, and ceiling as a features for a frameless shower.


Fiberglass for your door


You can even opt for customized fiberglass door that looks replica of wood and have both old world and new feel and design. They exude timeless elegance that complements with traditional and modern architecture. Fiberglass doors are high in popularity quotient because they are durable, strong and low in maintenance. Options like wood grain paneling and high definition design meaning fiberglass doors can look similar to wood door, yet have high insulation rating.

 Glass Doors


Glass fronted doors like-plain, frosted or etched doors- impart a visual connection and a sense of spaciousness to whole of the space. They look elegant and divide spaces efficiently when privacy is not a big concern. Stained glass panes can be used to create interesting glass doors. Though it is bit expensive, but it is worth it.



Opt for decorative accessories like wrought iron or cast iron grills or sash bars in door panels is a new trend followed in most urban homes, for security and communication between the inside and outside of the home, with many preferring it as a supplementary door. While a common trend is to mix the entrance door design with the interior theme, and the other way to add character is to supplement with existing accessories. These accessories improve the door appearance, whether it is a foyer area or home interiors. Knob, door handles and knockers are available with the door as attachments. In case, you have already ordered a door or have a long standing one and don’t wish to change it, but merely acquire add-on decorative pieces, you can have these elements later on. But it is better if you order them along with it.

 Add Asian influence


This vignette packs adds lot of elegance to the space. The chest of drawers provides surreptitious storage as well as well as place to keep mails, keys or a cup of coffee. The mirror adds further more character.

Add a table


Add a table near the foyer area- supported by graceful iron legs that stands ready to catch keys or a cup of coffee. A wall mirror further adds delight to the home. Further, you can add  a tote or backpack underneath the table.

Materials that you can add


The best materials to decorate foyer area are to add brass, iron and aluminium. These are further available in a wide range of finishes for different look. A stylish door knocker makes an elegant front door panel and an impressive entrance. These days, among the more popular designs are traditional brass style ones with temple motifs that give ornate look. These are preferred by those people who have built their home in a traditional architectural style and also home that reflect Indian origin. With right illumination, the door will create an impact.

Add vanity


A dresser and mirror combination in the foyer area of bedroom, will look great. Plus, it allows to have last check of make up, hairdo, outfit before dashing out of door.

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