Home Accessories Decoration How to make your home sound proof?

We all know the value of a peaceful home and do you know peaceful home is a happy home. Well that means selecting right kind of furniture based on the comfort zone, there is one that’s easy to overlook-sound proof.  In this blog post, we will provide you tips on how you can make your home soundproof without skimping on style quotient. Here’s the proof on how to do that:

Add carpets or rugs



Footsteps do make noise on uncovered floor areas, so consider adding rugs to your floors to stop foot noise becoming nuisance. If you are not ready for carpeting, few area rugs will also do the trick.

Replace the doors


In terms of sound blocking, the doors of the home aren’t probably cutting it. It is because most of the interior doors are hollow and composite core or solid wood doors are best than hollow core road.

Upgrade the windows


To ensure the noise is not slipping through the windows, weather stripping each window is the best for your home. Replace the existing windows with triple pane glasses will also do wonders to block sound.

Sound absorbing paint


Yes Sound absorbing paint do exist, they are specially formulated wall coating that can reduce noise by 30 percent.

Substitute for squeaky flooring


Squeaky flooring can be annoying. You can replace it with the loose boards, problematic floor, just ensure that you completely remove old flooring at all.

Use books and bookcases


Bookcases are the best. It not only fills the books, but it actually creates barrier against unwanted noise. Just ensure there aren’t empty spaces on the shelves.


Originally posted 2016-05-21 11:21:13.

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