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Bathroom odors are a common source of shame among people. You may want to cover up smell by using toilet deodorant. You may even notice a musky smell, foul smell in the bathroom due to poor cleaning techniques. In either case, there are several options to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and different methods to eliminate toilet smell. You can change the cleaning regimen, and make small changes to the bathroom routine.

Tips on how to clean the bathroom odor

A Ventilate the Bathroom


Ventilate the bathroom-if you want to cover up foul odors, proper ventilation is must. Simple air flow can reduce foul smell. If you have an overhead fan, turn it on after the bathroom use. If you don’t have, open the bathroom window to let the fresh air enter in.

B Use air fresheners


2 use odor eliminators-most of the people keep a spray bottle on the back of the bottle after use to freshen the bathroom. If you opt, this route, invest in products labeled odor eliminators over standard kind of air freshener.

Air fresheners wrap up the smell. They actually don’t remove the odor and the smell will remain there once the product finishes off. If the smell is strong, it can easily be detectable over the air freshener.

They neutralize the effect of odors-these odor eliminators have strong properties to neutralize the odor. They cover the smell quickly and effectively. When you are about to visit a local supermarket, buy products that are identified as odor eliminators! There are so many odor eliminators available in the market that you have to do trial and error to see what kind of product is best for your toilet. You can even read product reviews on online basis to get an actual sense of which products are effective in eliminating odors.

Search more about air purifiers- If you think that your bathroom is not properly ventilated, an odor eliminator is not the only solution. Buy an air purifier, a plug in device that helps to improve air circulation and remove odor causing bacteria from bathroom’s air. You can even buy an air purifier from departmental store or on online basis. Air purifiers come in various price range. Top rate purifiers can cost heavily, but it may be an unintended accessory for a small bathroom. You can buy cheaper versions too.

3 Buy Desiccants


1  Buy a desiccants- Your problem is not just limited to the toilet use. You may even have an issue with mildew. In such a case, buy desiccants. These are dry materials designed to absorb water. Common desiccants include silica gels, which come in package.

2 Synthetic Desiccant-you can even buy synthetic desiccant like silica gel as long as you apply powder in an area and keep it out of reach of animals and children. These are toxic materials when swallowed. You can even keep desiccants in small plastic containers with holes.

Green Plants-Green plants are the best. They are natural desiccants. Ferns or lily plants can remove unnecessary odors from the bathroom thus smelling it fresh.

5 Buy homemade air freshener


Buy a homemade air freshener. Homemade air fresheners are effective than ready made products. If an odor eliminator is not suited, try making your own air freshener.

How to make it?

In order to make a single air freshener,  mix one third water in one part of vodka and add 10 to 20 drops of essential oil like lavender or eucalyptus oil. You can even buy essential oils from local health store. Place the mixture in a spray bottle and leave it in the toilet. Spray when required.

If the DIY mixture leaves behind an alcohol like smell,  mix two cups of water with a tablespoon of white vinegar, a teaspoon of baking soda and 10 drops of lavender oil. Put it in a spray bottle and leave at the back of the toilet. Spray when required.

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