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If you feel giddy from paint smell, chances are that Volatile Organic Compounds are reacting with home environment. These are the chemicals that give paint smell. All these are oil based paints, so if you are vulnerable to sensitive, select a low VOC paint or at least select water based enamel paint that cleans faster.  Oil based paints are not recommended for interior design.

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Latex paints come in various finish- Flat enamel, eggshell, semi-glossy and gloss are considered as latex paints. Flat enamel is best among them because it is washable and it shows less flaws and perks up the shininess. In the glossy category, every patch or other flaws are visible as if they have  a spotlight on them. If your home is new, and has few or no flaws, glossy is the best. The only caution that you need to exercise is it comes with extra sheen and hence more glare. If you are light sensitive, don’t use that kind of finish.

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Depends upon traffic of a bathroom- For instance, if your bathroom gets more traffic and is prone to mold, use a special mold protective paint. The paint specialist at the home building can discuss that with you. Flat enamel is the best paint for the bathrooms. If you apply this paint there is no need of using mold or peeling paints. You can select semi-gloss for the kitchen, if you like messy look, but if you like a clean look, opt for flat enamel.

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For trim, no color what you select, you need to select a semi-gloss or go for glossy finish. These are more durable paints than flat enamel and the glossy look makes the trim paint easy to clean. Trim paints don’t go well with the wall color, so the semi-glossy is what you need, and it should contrast with the wall color.  White is a conventional color, and it always look nice. White trim around doors, windows and white baseboard, for living room and dining room- it is the best. It looks crisp, clean and accentuates the look of the wall colors.


One more tip- painting should be done after every ten years because paint eventually fade away and lose its sheen.

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In a nutshell, take into consideration above-mentioned tips before apply paints to the wall. These tips will not only make your bedroom look beautiful, but it will also add lost sheen to the room.

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