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When using curtains in the home, one needs to select fabric that complements the style and look of the room including furniture and color scheme. While most of the rooms look better or may need heavy kind of curtain, other is best suited for light, flowing curtains. There is several kind of curtain fabric that can be considered as the best, and they come in various weaves, patterns, designs, and colors. All these are available in the market at sensible prices. Due to this fact a variety of light curtain fabrics are available, and there are several benefits that they render. In this article, we will provide you such tips. It will surely help the buyers in buying process.

Types of Curtain Fabric and its benefits

Silk- Silk is an extremely popular fabric used in the upholstery of curtains and is much appreciated for its lightness. There is several number of silk that are suitable as curtain fabric. One among them is Dupioni. The main benefit of using this kind of silk is it is well dyed and one can easily change its color to suit the room of the mood. Another benefit of using silk as a curtain fabric is that several kinds of silk are produced with patterns and prints. One of the largest kinds of silk that is readily available is chiffon and is widely available in the market and is made with more relaxed weave than other silk thus lets the transmission of light through the fabric.


Linen-Linen is highly popular curtain fabric available in the market. Its popular because of different facts like

It is well suited to beat the heat and well as it is good insulator


The natural weave of linen is well suited for rooms that offer a lot of sunlight in the summer and those rooms that required added insulation during the winter. Despite their good insulation quality, linen is light weight fabric with interesting qualities and is weightless fabric. Linen also adds gentle touch to the room that it may require, yet in a subtle tone just the way you want it. It is no so light that it looks flimsy and unable to create impact, yet it is not so overwhelming that it looks dreary and dull.

Polyester-it is another kind of fabric that is light in weight and serves as a material used in the upholstery of the curtains. Polyester curtains are generally mixed with cotton curtains; however, there is curtain fabric available in the market that is made from 100%polyester. It is a synthetic material that is widely appreciated for several reasons and it offer a lot of practical benefits too.  One of the major benefits of using this fabric is it is easy to maintain, it is due to its microfibers. Stains can be easily get rid of with help of warm temperature wash in the washing machine and dust can be taken off without hassle. It is extremely durable fabric despite being a light weight fabric. This is very useful property of household that is lived by pets or children and for those who wish to make curtains that will last long for longer time. Finally, polyester is also considerably affordable as compared to other man made light curtain fabric and other heavier curtain fabric.


Major benefits

The polyester is a kind of synthetic fabric commonly used to make clothes, suits and curtains. This is a strong and durable material. Additionally, it is resistant to wrinkle, abrasion, shrinking and stretching. Moreover, it can be easily dried and it doesn’t absorb too much eater. It is a versatile material that comes in variety of shades and vibrant patterns.

It is advisable that polyester curtain should not be hung in the kitchen as they absorb cooking smells and due to its proximity to heat sources, it may catch fire easily. Remember that above all, the family safety comes at top priority. It is better to hung polyester curtains in the bedroom and the living room. This can also be mixed with other materials to increase the features of polyester. Its texture is silky and soft to touch.

Viscose fabric– Viscose is a fabric that is generally used due to its light and soft nature. Its natural cellulose can be spun with other fibres to create a fabric that looks similar to that of silk. Furthermore, it is highly appreciated for the fact that it can be dyed easily and can be made into bright and bold colors. Viscose is also well suited to being printed all over. Owing to the fact it is so light, it allows lot of light to enter through. However; viscose curtains need to be lined with other fabrics to prevent light to seep in. it is a popular fabric that is used with curtain lining as it is so light weight and can be dyed to suit the requirements.


With above-mentioned fabrics in mind, here is a clear list of the benefits:

  • Helps to enter light-majority of the light curtain fabrics are popular for the fact that they let certain amount of light to enter in. However, some light curtain fabrics are lined with similarly other light fabric to allow light from entering the room.
  • Easy to maintain- Light curtain fabrics can be easy in terms of maintenance. They tend to get easily cleaned and are water resistant. While some lighter fabric can crease, but they can be ironed.
  • Easy to dye-Lighter fabrics can be easily dyed and can be converted in different colors and patterns. A synthetic light curtain fabric is an easier process as compared to printing on heavier fabric.
  • They complement with look of the room-light curtain fabric creates a nice flowing affect in the room and they drape well. This is beneficial for those who wish to make curtains for long windows of living room.

Factors to consider before buying light weight curtains


The kind of curtain-one of the most important factors in deciding which curtain fabric is best for the room is by knowing which kind of fabric is most suited for in a room/ for example, viscose fabric is not suited for a room that receives lot of sunlight, but it may be sensible for a window that helps to circulate the air into a room. While selecting a curtain fabric in a room it is important to determine its properties.

Size of the fabric-when selecting light curtain fabric one should acknowledge the fact that it may not be as durable as heaviest fabrics. It can affect the cutting and sewing of the fabric while making the curtain. While this in mind, it is always more important to buy a fabric that is apt for the size of the window. With this, let’s clear this fact that certain blends of polyester is well suited to sewing and cutting process due to its tough nature.this is another benefit of some light curtain fabrics.

Cost of the fabric-fabric is measured in meters. When applying on the windows that the curtains is to be used on, measure its width and length in meters to ensure that the right fabric is purchased.

Depends upon type of the room- the kind of fabric to be purchased depends upon the room to be incorporated in. take into account various factors like color of the walls, fittings and furniture to make sure that the fabric does look good with overall look of the room. However, one of the benefits of certain types of light curtain fabric is that they can be dyed easily, so this may not be an important consideration as and when purchasing heavier curtains that cannot be dyed easily.

In a nutshell, there are many benefits of buying light curtain fabric. Like, these are easier to dye, easier to maintain and is extremely well suited to allowing the circulation of air in a room with an open window to let lights to enter in. It is important to note that light curtain fabrics perform their function at its best and with a lining, so buy a fabric with lining when required. If you want to add an elegant and soft touch to any room of the house, light curtains are the best. This nature allows for easy maintenance, as well as it look aesthetically pleasing.

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