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Kitchen is heart and soul of the home- it is an age old adage, but it is 100% true. Think about the last bash- you had everything at its original place- comfortable seating arrangements in every nook and corner of drawing room, you had set tables for relishing dinner and for d’oeuvres- but where did everyone end up sitting? Obviously, the kitchen! Whether it is  a high class party or a small get together, it seems kitchen ends up to be the homes central station. Since we spend so much of the time there, let’s make it look contemporary, glamorous and inviting as much as possible. Here are 10 amazing kitchen cabinet ideas that will spark your inner creativity.

A dark black minimalist kitchen with modern touches looks contemporary. This image shows it.


Veneer Wood Kitchen Cabinets create a warm look in the kitchen– Veneer kitchen cabinets adds warmth and depth to the contemporary kitchen. According to interior designer experts, slab veneer doors have been sought after in Europe, USA for decades and now it is finally gaining momentum in India too.  Certainly there are several reasons for its growing popularity. One may suspect it is fueled by the growing trend towards natural materials to bring nature back to action. Veneer slabs displays wood grains in a magnificent way; the grain pattern confirm a story from the tree where it originated, so nature lovers would of course love this option. Buyers must be aware about qualities that are available in the market. It is best to search for skilled and reputed dealer. Not all veneers are created in a equal fashion and if not done properly the edging or banding that holds the veneer in place will peel off and laminate will begin to chip down. If done properly, you can enjoy its benefit for a long time.  Veneer slab wood doors give a modern kitchen look and warmth.

veneer wood

 Add style to the kitchen with help of stainless steel–  Nothing remains sleek and modern except age old traditional stainless steel. Most of the home owners are opting for this trend that is completely modern, try adding steel kitchen cabinets in the home. Your kitchen will turn out to be a modern mecca when fitted with stainless steel cabinet doors. Apart from creating high-end look, stainless steel kitchen cabinetry comes with both pros and cons. The con part is but obvious, the fingerprints are easily visible on the kitchen cabinets and is potential for scratches. However, there are certain stainless steel fabrications that claim to be resistant to annoyances. The upside of these kitchen cabinets is vast. Some of the major benefits are: they are environment friendly, easy to clean, durable, made under hygienic conditions, etc. If solid stainless kitchen cabinets doesn’t fit your pocket, then there are several options like MDF cabinets that are layered with steel over top. Either way, stainless steel kitchen cabinets are an amazing addition to the modern kitchen.


Lacquered Kitchen Cabinets add a modern and stylish look-Lacquered Kitchen Cabinets are likely a newly painted car in your kitchen- bright, glossy, rich in shades. These cabinets are manufactured by process of applying several coats of lacquer, followed by waxing and polishing. If done adequately, lacquer finishes can be durable and scratch resistant. However, most people say that this kind of finish is not the perfect choice for busy families or families with children because lacquer chip down easily. If you are willing to take risk, then high-gloss shine of lacquer kitchen cabinets can be the best choice for modern kitchen look, as the sleek aesthetic is unmatched. You can buy lacquer kitchen cabinets of any color, but in order to maintain that glossy sheen, you have to clean it regularly. There are several products out there that claim to clean lacquer, but ensure that you use right things or probably it can destroy finish. If this is your cabinet choice, it is better to ask the manufacturer for cleaning instructions. White lacquer kitchen cabinets add clean and shiny look to your modern kitchen.




Floating shelves can substitute kitchen cabinets-The epitome of modern design is clutter free look. What is the better way to achieve clean, open floor plan than by doing away with the kitchen cabinets and installing floating shelves instead? Floating shelves add straight line that complements with modern or contemporary interior décor. Most of the home owners go with this style for the upper cabinets’ and then have doors for bottom half of the kitchen. It allows space for storage of all utensils. A few wooden shelves in combination with a glass backsplash or shiny subway tile backsplash will take you from breathtaking! The only con of floating shelves is the lack of hidden storage space. It takes a very organized person from becoming it un-cluttered. If you are organized and clean, then this look is for you. Other benefit of floating shelves is it is very spacious, but be sure that you have enough storage space.



Modern Kitchen Cabinets with hint of color-While most people think that modern kitchen cabinet is all about black and white, but a color can be modern too. Why not buy cherry red lacquer or laminate kitchen cabinets? Or why not turn to cobalt blue kitchen cabinets? Or even try teal for cabinet? All these colors can be used in conjunction with contemporary kitchen décor. Essentially when it comes to modern kitchen décor- well placed color and pattern plays a big role. If you wish to add color to the kitchen, then consider colored cabinets. You may select to use single shade or two upper colored cabinets. You may select to use just a hint of color via one or two upper kitchen cabinets or go bang bang with red kitchen-either way it will make a style statement.  Just be sure before committing. You will be seeing it everyday, so select color that you can live with. Colored Kitchen cabinets can look contemporary too.

contemporary-kitchen (1)

White Kitchen Cabinets-May be the idea of brightly colored cabinets seem frightening option, if so, then a simple white kitchen is the best for you. What could be better than glamorous white cabinets that reflect sunlight into your home? White Kitchen is sought after option, no matter whatever the style is for home-they keep the kitchen looking clean. This look can be easily achieved by using different finishes like paint, glossy lacquer, melamine or veneer. No matter whatever your budget is, a clean and modern white kitchen is the best. White kitchen cabinet can pair up very well with other combination too. If this is clean, and sounds appealing then it is your future.


Stained Wood Kitchen Cabinet Style look ultra-chic-Pickled white cabinets are not in trend right now, but you can still use stain wood cabinets with a tint of shade to achieve contemporary design. Look at below-mentioned tint stained cabinets in the image given below. They are sleek, easy to clean and unique. With just a dash of color, the historical grain of wood seems to be brought back to the attention, allowing cabinets to take centre-stage. The stained style cabinets are nature inspired with extreme modernism. Some wood slab doors can be tinted to match the colour schemes that you are selecting- be careful to discuss this style with the cabinet maker. Some wood grains can be untidy and visually unappealing to you, discuss the same beforehand. Stains will make these knots stand out. Consider staining wood cabinetry to add color to the kitchen.

 contemporary-kitchen (2)

Take out upper kitchen cabinets to create a modern space-Skipping up the upper kitchen cabinets may entirely seem to be a risky task, but by doing so you can attain open and modern space. Have a look at the kitchen mentioned below-its sleek black and white look without upper cabinets, it is appealing. In place of upper cabinets, you can add an amazing back splash that travels up to the ceiling or you have a room for an ultra-modern stainless steel. Of course, this style might not be right a lot of kitchen storage space. As you can imagine, without upper kitchen cabinets, your storage space is minimized. A kitchen without upper cabinets is spacious and open.


Distressed Gun Metal Steel Kitchen Cabinets-Do you wish to make your neighbors envy? In the image given below, the kitchen cabinets are galvanized, hot rolled steel with a clear coat of finish-steel layered over an MDF base.  The look is spectacular! This clean, minimalistic kitchen gives the illusion of space-the cupboards become a stylish piece of art. If a hidden kitchen appeals you, then this look is yours. You would need to consult a metal fabricator and cabinet door maker to create customized cabinets made according to your specifications. One thing that you need to keep in mind- hot rolled galvanized steel will create a different look each time- no two look will be the same. Gun metal steel cabinets almost make the kitchen invisible!

contemporary-kitchen (3)

Blend different cabinet styles of the kitchen by combing wood, paint and lacquer

After admiring all of above-mentioned cabinet styles, you are surely going to have trouble as to what appeals you the most. Why not try mixture of all the styles? Even a minimalist interior décor you can mix color palette. Why not try for lower wood cabinets with combination of white on the top? Or veneered kitchen cabinets with side panels and shiny lacquered finishes? Or stainless steel on upper shelves with painted wood cabinets on the lower. The combinations are infinite, you are certain to attain a style that reflects your personality.  If mixing up is something you are interested to try, then hire an interior designer and a professional cabinet maker. There are innumerable combos to select from, just make sure you end up with minimalist kitchen décor not a messy mixture.

kitchen cabinets

These kitchen cabinets make your home look fantastic and gorgeous.
Your creative kitchen can be easily achieved by following above-mentioned steps. A creative kitchen is the right blend of materials, function, and organization options. If youvision it, there is a good chance that you can create it.

So, what inspired you? Do you wish to add something to the story? We would like to hear from you.



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