L Shaped kitchen design Ideas

A kitchen can be configured in a number of different ways. A room which has a rectangular or a long layout can be used to transform into an L shaped kitchen. L shaped kitchens are much in vogue these days. This is because such kitchens help in the creation of a considerable amount of space between the cooking area and the dining area.

A good deal of interaction can transpire between both these spaces. The L shaped kitchens are characterized by a number of interesting features. To know more about these features one should take the following points into consideration.
L-Shaped-Kitchen-with-dining-area L Shaped kitchen design Ideas
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One of the most important characteristics of an L shaped kitchen is that there the atmosphere which prevails in this kitchen is one that is very causal. People are facilitated to gather all round the kitchen space. They can do so without actually entering the area where the food is being cooked.
L-shape-kitchen-lighting L Shaped kitchen design Ideas
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One part of the kitchen can serve the purpose of an eating area. Here family members can assemble and enjoy their daily meals together. An L shaped kitchen is one that is quite spacious. As a result three to four lights would be required in order to light up the kitchen.
L-shaped-kitchen-with-equipment L Shaped kitchen design Ideas
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One needs to be able to see well enough in order to cook properly. Large bright bulbs ought to be used in such a domestic kitchen. Ambient lighting, decorative lighting, accent lighting and task lighting are the various forms of lighting which can be used in an L shaped kitchen.
luxury-L-shaped-kitchen L Shaped kitchen design Ideas
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The work triangle is one of the most important design elements that are used in an L shaped kitchen. The work triangle is known to promote efficiency in terms of movement, between the refrigerator in the kitchen, the kitchen sink and of course the cook top.
Modern-L-shaped-kitchen-design L Shaped kitchen design Ideas
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Counter space is used in a very limited manner in an L shaped kitchen. There is hardly any reason to keep items on the counter tops given that quite a few cabinets and shelves can be installed in this kitchen with ease. Counter tops are only used for placement of items like the stove. Thus, the L shaped kitchen is indeed a unique form of kitchen to have in a home. It is by far the most comfortable kitchen to work in and can be set up within one or two days only. Setting up an L shaped kitchen is quite expensive.

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