As we say so long to 2010 and open our arms to a promising 2011, it is time to look ahead and see what the design world has for us in terms of ushering in new ideas, new concepts and trends. We look to change to help freshen up our décor. Here’s wishing you Happy New Year and happy designing!

This year, look for wallpaper to make a grand comeback. Get ready for new and exciting wallpapers that are nothing like your grandmothers! This season’s papers treat the entire wall or room in one texture or technique. Look for papers with depth and dimension and texture that you can see and feel. You can add the look of extravagant techniques for a small investment. They add rich color, pattern and a sense of completeness to a room like nothing else can!

Gray takes center stage in 2011. It makes a brilliant entrance into an array of interiors in the design world. Many of yesterday’s grays were boring and blah leaving a lot to be desired. Not so anymore! The new grays are welcoming and full of appeal and are showing up in chic interiors as a main color as well as an accent color. Pearly gray and silver satin gray offer warmth for walls and trims. Today’s taupe and sage have a gray essence to them. I am officially calling it the new beige as it is a perfect color for every room in the home. Wait till you see the variations of gray and some of the colors it is combined with. It will not be what you think! Greens mix great with gray. You will see gray based greens in lots of hues in 2011 and beyond.

Do you want to have a sense of order and control in this New Year? Me too! The key is doing some easy organizing. Having fewer things that stay in their place mean less time spent on maintenance and searching for lost items. Here are a few simple things we all can do that require little effort and produce big payoff. Minimize the linens by going through the linen closet and keeping only the best sheets and towels. Give away things you do not use especially if someone less fortunate could benefit from those items. There is a joy in parting with gently used items that someone else would be happy to use regularly. Get the whole family in the spirit of organizing with the bag a weekend routine! Everybody in your home gets a bag each weekend to fill with unwanted items like trinkets, knick-knacks and those things that just lie around collecting dust!

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