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Many homes suffer from small-lounge syndrome, however there are some simple tips you can follow to make the most of a more petite living room.

Firstly, it’s important to get all that clutter cleared out. Unnecessary magazines, ornaments, knick-knacks etc. all have to go. These will only succeed in making the lounge look smaller and feel claustrophobic, so unless you really must have it out all the time, get rid of it or put it in another room.

Secondly, think about the colours and light in the room. In a living room, lighting can make all the difference; so invest in some beautiful lamps. The more light you can let into a space; the bigger it will appear. This is even truer if you use light, airy paint colours on the walls. This isn’t to say you have to stick to boring old magnolia; just try to steer clear of dark, depressing colours like really deep reds or blacks.

Next, try to co-ordinate the colour of the wall with your furniture. That way, the colours will all blend into one and keep the spaces flowing. If you have too many contrasting colours, it’ll break up the space and make it seem a lot more cluttered. What you can break the flow with however is a big, beautiful mirror. This will reflect natural light and give the illusion of extra space.

Lastly, try to go for pieces of furniture that will trick the eye. For example, if you opt for a coffee table that has a glass top, it’ll seem like it’s taking up less space. Likewise, if you choose couches and chair that have exposed legs, the space underneath will add to the illusion.

It’s all about being clever with your choices. Do this and you’ll feel like you’ve doubled the space you have.

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