Modern Art in an Interior

Modern art is defined from the 1860’s to the 1970’s in terms of galleries and art history. In recent years the appeal of modern art in a widespread context has occurred.

The new style of modern, open plan living had made for the need of equally as modern and unique art for the white stark walls. The apartment living scene has especially contributed but even older style houses are having walls taken down to make way for the open plan living so popular today.

Not everyone has the money to buy modern canvas art produced by famous artists so it has enabled the not so famous but equally as talented new artists to produce work and be successful selling them. Canvas art is quite dramatic as the medium used is either oil or acrylic paint. Both achieve high depth in colour and on a bright white wall, a piece of canvas artwork on a stretched canvas frame has maximum impact.
canvas art acrylic
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Oil and acrylic are very versatile and both give the option for alteration after the painting has been finished. This is especially the case for oils as they take a number of weeks to dry. It enables a piece of canvas art to be produced and a step taken back from it. It can then be revisited and adapted should the artist feel it is required. Watercolour for example is quite final once completed.
oil paintings
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Oil and acrylic come alive even more when a few coats have been put on and textures are built up. An example of this is in the artwork for Howard Hodgkin and Gillian Ayres. Both use bright colours and layer and layer paint to create not just high impact in terms of depth of colour but also texture. These particular canvas artwork pieces look breathtaking on a white wall.
Gillian Ayres Apadana
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Clean lines and minimal aesthetics are the keys with many of the latest wave if modern art pieces. Another impressive move in the artwork is that artists today are actually quite happy to produce bespoke artwork specifically for the client from their own specifications.
oil canvas art
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For example a piece of artwork is often created to specifically suit the interiors of the room it is commissioned for both in style and colour. This is quite a shift from what many people conceive in artists. It is making modern art even more modern and allows the owner of the artwork to have input creating an even more personal piece.

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