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Now that you’ve already been introduced to the basics, you may then proceed with the extra tips about the shabby chic style. When recreating this theme, it is actually important for you to check out magazines and catalogues so that you won’t get lost in the design and layout. The shabby chic style can be tricky at times, you may arrive at a different theme in the end.

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When working on a shabby chic vibe on the home, here are some things you can follow:

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Flowers everywhere

Yes, flowers are always present in the shabby chic theme, regardless if they are fresh, dried, or pressed. They can be seen as designs on the wallpaper, on the figurines and as centerpieces on tables and vanities. Flowers are used because they offer a pop of color, and they also make the room look natural despite the ultra cozy ambience.

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Heavy covers

One major aspect of the shabby chic style is that of heavy covers. You can invest on bulky slipcovers that dress up the sofa, as well as plush comforters and beddings. This is because covers help in concealing the imperfections of the basic elements of the room. Covers also make the room look more comfortable to live in.

Use covers that compliment the white or pastel color backdrops. You can go for white covers, or printed pastels as well.

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Feminine fixtures and finishes

Lastly, you have to go with all things feminine when working on the shabby chic style. These include girly colors, pleats and frills, and as well as cursive prints. This is because the shabby chic theme was created by girls. So yes, go for sugar and spice, and definitely everything nice.

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