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Patterned carpets can look very pretty in any home or office. They add an element of elegance and sophistication to the room in which they are kept. If you use patterned carpets in the rooms of your house you can succeed in making your house look like a high end residence. Patterned carpets are those that are widely available both online as well as in the regular stores that deal in home furnishing products. Before you go ahead and buy such carpets from the market there are some interesting ideas for patterns that you can keep in mind.
When setting out to buy patterned carpets from the store you can opt for those that feature stripes. Stripes are the latest design in the market and if you place carpets with such designs in your bedroom you will be keeping up with the latest trends in home designing and furnishing.
floral  print carpet for girls bedroom
If you are looking to buy carpets for a small girl’s bedroom you can opt for those that have floral prints on them. Floral prints have a very feminine quality and when you buy such carpets you can succeed in reflecting the characteristics of the girl child in the room where she stays.
geometric patterned carpet
When you shop for patterned carpets you can opt for the geometric designs. These look quite unique. The geometric designs came into existence only two or three years ago. Before that such designs were never featured on carpets. Carpets which feature the geometric designs would look the best in the living area.
olorful square bathroom cotton carpet
If you are buying carpets for the bathroom then you can opt for carpets that have colorful squares or cubes on them. The carpets in the bathroom have a tendency of getting wet several times in the day. If the bathroom carpets feature colorful patterns and designs then their vibrant appearance will not be likely to fade too easily.
stripe boys room carpet
Patterned carpets like those which feature vertical and horizontal lines can be placed in the bedroom of a boy. Such a design would be in keeping with a boy’s personality and will look most compatible in his room. Thus, there are various ideas which can be considered by you when buying patterned carpets for the home. Patterned carpets are more expensive than the regular carpets but are a worthy purchase to make given the good deal of physical appeal which they add to a room.

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