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Pink is the color of femininity, quirkiness and young love. And yes, every girl dreams of having a pink bedroom theme, as this is the style that represents her heart the most. But sometimes too much of the pink shade can be an eyesore, thus it is important to style the bedroom in such a way that the person who will be living in it will enjoy the pink theme every day.
pink girls bedroom
So, if you are looking for pink bedroom theme ideas, here are some styles to check out:
Pink and White Girls Bedroom Design Ideas
1. Pink and white combo. White is always the best compliment to pink, regardless of the pink shade that you’re going to use. If you want the pink hues to stand out, you may want to use these on the walls and beddings, while the white shades work best with the furniture and pillowcases. A pale pink lampshade can be placed by the bedside to add a subtle touch of both colors-this way the shades won’t clash later on.
Pink and black Girls bedroom
2. Pink and black fusion. If you want a rather modern effect on a pink bedroom theme, then black linings will do the trick. Pink colors can still be used for the walls and beddings, while black shades can be used on the decors, frames, and surrounding furniture.

3. Minimalist stencils. Plain pink walls can be boring to look at, as despite having a splash of color, they still have empty spaces. If you want to work on your walls, then you can add stencil designs using decals and wall stickers. Decals can add more life to your bedroom-you can make creative silhouettes, patterns and other decorative styles and place them on your walls to get rid of the empty open space.
4. Pastel shades. Finally, if you’re not fond of the hot pink craze and would like to have something cozy instead, then you can stick to the pastel and old rose shades instead. Using a darker shade of pink on the walls and white colors on the ceilings, you can create a balance of colors. You may also utilize the space in between the two shades by adding different shades of pastel pink for the curtains and beddings, and light gray colors for the rugs and other accessories.

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