The Ultimate Room with a View

When you think of rooms with a view, what do you think of? A hotel room overlooking the crashing waves of an exotic beach? A countryside retreat that boasts views for miles around, with rolling hills and valleys on the horizon? People pay a fortune to enjoy a good view when planning their holidays, with many sea view rooms costing an extra supplement but Travelodge proved that you don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy the luxury of breathtaking views from your bedroom. You just have to have the motivation and tenacity to head to the top of a mountain.

In fact, that’s exactly what they did recently, recreating a hotel room at the summit of Ben Nevis. As part of their latest charity drive, they decided to enlist 38 volunteers to climb to the top of this Scottish mountain, whilst carrying items of hotel furniture with them. Don’t worry – nobody’s daft enough to lug a double divan bed to the top of Ben Nevis for nothing. It was all done in the name of charity, with the stunt raising £40,000 for Macmillan. It’s likely you have heard about the astounding work that this charity do, providing unwavering support to cancer patients and their families throughout their battle and we think it’s a deserving charity to haul furniture up a mountain for. Thousands of people offered their support by sponsoring the team via Just Giving, while climbers and hikers on the mountain managed to witness the venture for themselves.

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Not only did they carry a bed between them, but they also hauled a comfortable armchair, wall hangings, bedding and even walls up the steep trails, so that once they got to the summit, they could make an authentic replica of a traditional Travelodge hotel room for weary hikers and climbers to appreciate.

Many people head to the peak of Ben Nevis every year to sample the breathtaking views that can be enjoyed once they’re at the top but nobody of our generation will have witnessed a hotel room there before. In fact, it was the highest hotel room in the UK since 1916 and one that provided unforgettable views from an incomparable setting – a hotel room, outside, 1,344m above sea level.

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