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It is said that kitchen is the heart and soul of any home. Henceforth, it should not be messy. You don’t require a degree to keep your kitchen organized. All you need is little bit of extra time from your daily schedule and below-mentioned tips.


Organize spices how you cook the cuisine

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Try to arrange the spices in a low sided or in a unleaded box by the type of cuisine and whenever you are cooking the food like Mexican, German, Asian, Indian, old American, give separate space to appropriate spices. The idea is to label each box according to its usage and whenever you are in a mood to cook a particular style of cuisine, your spice hunting will be reduced to minimum.

Repackage the food

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If you think that your cabinet space is clumsy and full of clutter, repack the dried food products.  It is better to invest in a precious room, by transferring all your dry food to see through plastic containers. And don’t forget to label them. Flat or rectangular container is just what the doctor ordered.   The underlying reason being they are stackable and is perfect for storing dried beans, tea bags, cereal and pasta.

Use hand paper bags


If you are not one among those person, who like to hoard paper brown bags or simply you have brought the same from the supermarket, keep them together or hang them from a hook in mudroom door or pantry.

Number your plastic containers


If you have enough of plastic containers in your stack, it would be frustrating to match it with the lids. So, the better solution is to label both the container and lid with a particular number. This makes your task easy and hassle free.

Store the things within

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If your kitchen storage space is less, then store items in containers that you rarely use. One container can be used as a picnic cooler that store items only for the winter months. Likewise, you can buy a stockpot in the back of the cabinet to hold the napkins and other items bought in bulk from a local store or warehouse.

Go for under cabinet space and exposed shelving

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It is better to go for a battery operated under cabinet lighting strip or an outlet from the microwave. Things generally get lost on deep shelves. Try to put them in the baskets, so that you can easily inspect.

Put the hang pegs

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Try to hang pegs or racks to keep the utensils, dish towels, pot holders in sight.  Hanging notes are useful for the reminders.

Go for efficient recycling is another tip on how to make kitchen organized.



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