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Hand scraped, distressed floors, vinyl are more than a style statement. This kind of flooring is able to withstand the wear and tear of the real world and the story of real busy kitchen. Even vinyl flooring are appealing and is the best way to add rustic appeal to the home, but without any expense. In this blog post, we will provide you the kind of floors that are best suited for your kitchen.


Think about the kitchen-it is important to consider your kitchen thoroughly. All the above kind of flooring has scored better in slip resistance tests and for busy kitchens. But if your kitchen is frequented by lot of visitors and children wood and bamboo is the least kind of flooring that you should adopt.


Buy certified wood– certified wood offers assurance that wood is of good quality and is responsibly managed. Check the packaging of the product and make sure that the manufacturer is certified.


Say no to vinyl if you have babies– Vinyl flooring with the industrial flooring emit dangerous organic compounds that cause allergies and health concerns among babies.


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