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Are you living in a home that has an empty space under the stairs? The under-the-stairs space can be a difficult part of the home to utilize, mainly because it has a limited, not to mention disproportionate area. It can be awkward to use the space as a bedroom, or even as an extension of the living room, so yes, there’s the standing question-how can you utilize it?

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Well, there are many ways to make this unused part of the home useful. If you are looking forward to see a functional purpose for this section of the home, then below are some ideas:

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1. Built-in vanity. To those who want a storage space for toiletries and accessories, then you might want to convert this space into a vanity, or even a built in closet. As a vanity, all you have to do is install cupboard structures inside the said area and cover it with a wooden door. You can then decorate the door with a fancy knob and as well place a mirror so it can be the designated place in the house for grooming.

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2. As a pantry of sorts. Since this space is more ideal for storage, why not turn it into a pantry? You need not store food per se, but spices or herbs, or even as a room for tools. You just have to be meticulous about installing containers and storage spaces so that they won’t cause confusion once used.

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3. As a loft. Yes, you can still use this space as a bedroom. If you want an extra bedroom for a guest, then you can put a fold-up bed that easily sets itself after unlocking its fasteners. You can also cover the surrounding space with a curtain as a divider.

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