5 Home Maintenance Tips To Get You Through Winter

Winter is not the time to start making repairs to the family home. In fact, it is usually between the months of November and February that homeowners are faced with unexpected charges to fix problems that they never knew existed. Such is especially the case with damaged roofs. Countless homeowners will discover that their shingles and tiles have holes that invite leaks in the coming winter. You, of course, don’t have to be one of the unfortunate victims of unexpected, and expensive, home repairs. Here are five ways for you to prepare for winter long before it arrives.

  1. Inspect the Roof in Spring

The harshness of winter has passed in spring, which makes the season a great time to assess damages to the family home. Hiring the best local roofing company in your area is the most efficient way to find holes and cracks in tile and shingles. You can, of course, inspect the roof on your own by having a keen eye for loose or missing materials.

  1. Clean Out the Gutters in Fall

The trees have gone through the process of shedding and have left your gutters filled with leaves in autumn. Clogged gutters are not a big deal during sunny months. The cluttered pathways can, however, cause serious problems during over winter when heavy rains lead to standing water that threatens the integrity of a structure’s foundation. You can clear gutters and downspouts of debris by dedicating a few hours to the task.

  1. Check the Driveway and Foundation for Cracks in Spring and Summer
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Cracks only have a habit of getting worse in winter as water causes them to expand. A small gap in spring or summer may become a noticeable divide after winter. Applying silicone or caulk to open spaces is the most cost effective way to make minor improvements to the driveway and foundation.

  1. Trim Trees and Shrubbery in Summer and Fall

The last thing that you want is a tree compromising the integrity of your property’s foundation and overall safety of your home. Thoroughly check the strength of nearby trees by knocking on the plant’s bark during summer and fall. A hollow sound is indicative of a tree that may not withstand the storms of winter. Also, consider having plants trimmed by a professional in summer. You should definitely solicit the help of an expert for tree branches that either lie on or near power lines.

  1. Clean the Chimney, Check the Fireplace

Some homeowners are unpleasantly surprised when their fireplaces explode after being lit in winter. You can avoid such a possibility by thoroughly checking the structure for hazards and by hiring a professional to clean your chimney.

Winter is a time to bundle up and enjoy the cold weather. You do not want to be one of the unfortunate homeowners dealing with unexpected repairs during this time. Using a home maintenance checklist during the seasons preceding the cold months saves you a lot of heartache and money in the long run.

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