Area Rugs for your Bedroom and Bathroom

While selecting an area rug for your bedroom and bathroom, you need to be extra careful because it is a place where we spend most of the time. Here are tips which may help you to find the suitable rug:

For Bedroom
Bedroom is your nest or cocoon, so you need to pamper the bedroom just like any other room. The rug needs to be selected carefully both in terms of materials and size. A bedroom rug may vary like it can pretty much small near the bed or huge rug near the closet. Remember that picking up a comfortable area rug, is the best solution to the problem. The preferable color for bedroom includes light and soothing colors that calms your mind and preferable materials for bedroom is silk and wool.

For Bathroom
Bathroom rugs plays a crucial role, it not only avoid dirt and absorbs water, but also have anti-skid properties that protects both old people and kids. Also, it adds touch of aesthetics. So, in order to add warmth to the bathroom, use a multi-use rug. Go for bathroom rug depending upon overall décor of the bathroom. Associate i with natural décor. Pick a rug that is easily washable and doesn’t wear out too fast. The preferable color for bathroom depends upon overall décor. Everything is allowed from red to soft hues. Adjust according to environment. Preferred material for bathroom area rug includes cotton, bamboo and sea grass.

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