Colors for Kitchen designing

How do you select the colors for your kitchen design? Well, selecting colors for the kitchen is easy; if you adhere to below mentioned guidelines:
Selecting colors is easier than you might think. Once you deduct the colors that won’t work, you are left with basic color palette to select from. So, here are few ways to filter the colors for the kitchen that will work out.

Colours for small kitchens
Don’t opt for dark timber and colors that make your space look smaller than it actually is. So, it is important to avoid colors like red, purple, dark blue and green. It is necessary to go for clear crisp colors or white color with a hint of blue, green or yellow with a subtle background of color. Keep the look of the cabinet simple and unadorned and avoid clutter, as it will chaos in the kitchen.

Colours for Open Kitchen

Open plan spaces use white as a wall colour and then adds colour and texture to it. So, colours that would work for an open space kitchen are mottled, textured, neutrals, white, black, silver metallic and materials like Corian, granite, laminates, stainless steel and tiles work in your benefit. Then add color in accessories like flowers, jars, vases, light shades, bar stools, pictures, etc to provide a focal point and to add peppy look.
Colour for small apartment kitchens

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These kitchens are compact, small and function. It is generally not the feature of the home, so it can simply be considered as necessity, so it better to use colors and texture that go well with the space and lays little obstruction. Most of the apartments are strapped for space and don’t have a scope for natural lightning, so bright colours work the best. Once again, neutral colour like white and grey with accent of crisp colours like apple, teal, pink, citrus yellow in small forms are the best. Therefore, opt for timeless all white kitchen that complements with the modern look, soft metallic grey with stainless steel appliances is functional and practical.
Colours for standard kitchen

Anything goes well with the standard kitchen, provided it suits with the overall style of the home and kitchen you can use any colours that you wish. The only thing that you remain cautious about lightning! If lot of natural lightning comes to your space then you should use strong and bold colours and if you have little natural light and poor lightning coming in then either upgrade it or select light reflecting colours.
Colour for outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen is the new trend and a fun way to cook. Think about the plantings that you have. Add panels of bold color for contrast. For instance, if you have red flowers behind add a purple panel behind. Think about the color that will complete the look. Add fun color upholstered squabs or cushions to the outdoor seating- like pink, orange, teal and apple shade.

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