Colors that bring serenity to your home

Most of us associate colors to emotions. Hence, phrases like going green for someone who is jealous or feeling blue one who is elated is used. Feeling happy in your own home or office shows that you are happy in your own space! When the  colors of the home are in sync, and at right place and at peace with the predefined locations then they remain happy, bright and cheerful. Hence, they exude positivity and promises good life, says renowned interior designer Kulkarni.

Kulkarni recommends a few vaastu tips that will help you to select colors appropriately for your property décor:

The shades like green, blue and bluish green when used in the east or in north east vastu zone can rejuvenate soul and mind.

Red, pink purple and less intense shades of orange, when used in equal proportion in the north of north west in couple’s bedroom, it ignites spark in a relationship that helps them to lead happy married life.

Green shade in the east of the home when mixed with yellow shade in the south, fosters interesting and open conversation between family and friends and abandons loneliness and depression.

Grey shade when applied in the south west direction emanates creativity and practice of knowledge.

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Shades of blue suggest increased communication and trust, especially in the west direction and leads to a high performance in one’s career.

Kulkarni says that, before going ahead and changing the color palette of your home it is recommended that you keep in mind these points and significance of colors properly as per vastu shastra or seek help of vastu expert.




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