Decorating the Home with Books

Having a library in the house is always a good thing, as it encourages the people living in the home to read and study. However, not all homes can accommodate a library; in most cases they only have a bookshelf filled with paperbacks and old textbooks.

But if you’ve always been fascinated with the classic library vibe, then you can actually decorate your home with this look. You may not have a ton of books at home, but you can easily recreate this style with just a few steps.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Gather all the books you have at home. They need not be classics, but if you have hardbound ones, the better. If you don’t, then you can deal with the paperbacks. Gather and organize the books according to type or genre so you won’t have trouble looking for them later on.

2. Cover the books with craft paper. To create a vintage vibe, cover your books with craft paper, so that they would carry the uniform look. For paperbacks, you may want to insert a hard type of cardboard first on their covers before applying the craft paper, so that they would look almost hardbound.

3. Label the books. Label the books on the front and spine areas. This way it would be easier for you to find them once they are shelved. You can also color-coordinate the books; use the same color of craft paper on the books of the same genre.

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4. Place the books on the shelf. Once you’re done with the first three steps, then you can put them on a fancy vintage shelf. Now you have the library look in the house.

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