Decoration Tips for Radhaashtami

Radhashtami is a special festival for devotees of Lord Krishna. The biggest plus point of this festival is its pan India popularity. Almost all Hindus celebrate this festival with great vigor and energy. So, discussing decorating ideas of Krishna idols Is part and parcel of this event. Now, that Krishna Radhashtami is around the corner, decoration ideas are what everyone is searching for.

 Why decoration is must?


A nice decoration creates festive ambiance for celebrations. If you are planning to perform Radhashtami puja for the year 2015, you can provide a warm welcome to Radha devi with these decoration ideas. If these ideas are adhered properly, they can go an extra mile to make Radhashtami a memorable occasion for you and family members. So, take cue from below mentioned ideas. Incorporate these ideas if you feel like, and don’t forget to spread this article to your relative. Spread the positive spirits for this special ocacssion. Happy Radhashtami!

 How to start?

Clean up your home thoroughly

 It’s a time to thoroughly clean up your home, especially puja ghar or worship chamber and other places like living room, kitchen and other rooms of the house should be given due importance. The center of attention of the day is of course puja ghar. So, decorate it with flowers and lights.

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Add idols and sculptures of Lord Krishna and Radha

Lord Krishna’s idols and sculptures are main decorative accessories for Radhashtami celebrations. These are required in puja ghar. Select the most appealing aakriti of Muralidhar (Lord Krishna playing flute) or you can fill up your chamber with Lord Krishna and Radha statues. The puja is incomplete without these idols, hence they are must.

Incorporate wall hangings of Lord Krishna and Radha

Wall hangings and image of Krishna on the top is also great decorative accessory. It is a scared festival, celebrated in a traditional way, wall hangings adds an ethnic touch to the room, so are most preferred over others. Embroidered cloth panels is also the most sought after decorative accessory.

 Add Lord Krishna and Radha Door Hangings

The entrance of the home is often decorated with this accessory. It makes the festival truly vibrant.  Moreover, it comes in various colors and sizes.  Starting from beads to golden globules to pots containing butter and cows embroidered motifs make the celebration bright. Moreover, these motifs symbolize Lord Krishna activities in a vivid way.

 Cradle for lord Krishna

The festival marks the spirit of birth of Lord Krishna. Hence, one must not forget to add cradle of the Lord, which acts as decorative accessory for the occasion.

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Om the omnipotent symbol

This symbol is considered as very sacred among Hindu tradition. The wooden wall hanging of this symbol will add religious spirit to home.

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