Energy saving tips for home

While we all entering into summer months and warmer weather is sure to dawn us, and thus we are going to enjoy longer summer nights and higher energy bills. Whether you are running your air-conditioner more often, using water to take shower, or using more electricity to run fans to get cool air, energy saving can help your pocket and Earth. Thus summer before you cry for energy bills, have a look at these energy saving tips for hot summer, your pocket will welcome it!

ENERGY-SAVING-TIPS Energy saving tips for home
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Replace your air-conditioner– If you reside in home that is over 20 years old, the possibility is same is with air-conditioning and its time to purchase energy efficient air conditioner. Even if you have lived in your home for short time duration, but if you live in extreme climatic areas, like desert, also consider replacing your units. Buy conditioner that costs less and have energy approved standards. This differs upon geographic location.

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There are various methods of cooking-Instead of using oven everyday, consider using microwave oven or grilling outside the home during summer.. Heating up oven each and everyday adds more heat to the interiors and therefore requires more air conditioning cooling system to work harder and longer. If you don’t use oven, consider baking during morning when air conditioning is not used and there is cooler outside.

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32 Energy saving tips for home
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Automate the thermostat- If you are using a natural thermostat, try adjusting the air conditioning in your home,consider replacing with automatic one that can be programmed to keep your home warmer when you are not at home.

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Keep the sunlight at a bay-when leaving out from home, or at times of the day, when sun rays are the hottest, pull out window treatments to block the sun rays. Your interior spaces will feel cooler and your conditioner won’t have to work that hard.

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Give your air conditioner a break– use a ceiling fan to circulate the air around your home instead of air conditioning unit. Give a much needed break to it and save energy. Ceiling fan cools your space in less money.

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Take cooler and shorter showers-when taking a shower in your home, lower down the temperature of hot water and save energy. Decrease the duration of how long you enjoy the shower to save your hot water tank usage. Consider opting for tankless water heater when required, as opposed to tank that is situated in your garage, basement or any other space.

small-shower-ideas-small-bathroom-designs-corner-shower-cabin-sliding-doors Energy saving tips for home
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Install energy efficient bulbs– change the present incandescent bulbs to efficient energy efficient bulbs, for instance, compact fluorescent bulbs use less energy as well as emit bright light. They last for long duration, and therefore need to replaced quite often, and in turn saves some money for you.

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Energy-saving-lightbulb-001 Energy saving tips for home
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Service your air conditioning unit- ensure that you keep your air filters changed frequently as per manufacturer’s directions or have a professional HVAC maintenance person to change the filters every year. This will help your air conditioner to work properly for years to come, and thus saving your electricity bills too.

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Make sure your air conditioner  pipe is properly sealed- examine the air conditioner pipes and connections, as well as the vents in your home to ensure proper sealing and caulking is done within the connections. The point is in cooling your home. If you are not known to this done, have HVAC person help you.

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Last but not the least; spend more time outside the home. Summer is the perfect excuse to get out and enjoy the summers. From swimming to community pools to picnic to getting exercise to spending more time outdoors will lower down the energy bills. Saving energy this summer is not a challenge. Use the above-mentioned tips to protect your pocket and save the Earth and keep your family cool this summer. There are several other ways to save energy, do your own part and make summer enjoyable, and thus keeping energy consumption to minimum level and give break to pocket too. Add more tips to the list?

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