Guide on how to buy to hard wood flooring

Natural wood is a primary choice, especially in case of period renovations. Here are some tips that you need to know.

Whats unique about it?
Natural woods adds warmth, texture and warmth to the room. Its just like an old wine that looks better as the time fades.

You can select from solid wood and engineered wood that is made from tightly compressed thin layers of hardwood. Engineered flooring is suitable for underfloor heating. Majority of the solid wood floor have a maximum plank width of minimum 160mm, whereas some engineered boards are available in large sizes, as it is vulnerable to shrinkage caused by alterations in temperature. Hardwoods like walnut, oak and maple are more durable as compared to softwoods like pine. Colors may range from pale ash to dark chestnut. The plank lengths may vary depending upon your preferences.

Wide planks and dark woods are also great option, as are oiled finished. Long planks works best for large spaces, whereas it is best to use short and wide options for smaller rooms. A pale wood lightens dark room and makes it feel spacious or you can go for a three plank floor to create a false illusion of space. Do check the labels, as labels guarantees that product come from a reliable.

Where to use it?
Use this kind of wood in every room, but opt for hardwood only in the busy areas. Solid wood is resistant towards water, but it needs to be sealed, in case you are planning to use the same in bathroom or kitchen. Select engineered boards along with a lacquered instead of oiled finish for such rooms.
How to take care of it

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Don’t make the woods get wet and ensure that you wipe away the spills immediately. Solid woods can be sanded and re-varnished if you need a change.

It is a known fact that wood needs respect. The material is susceptible to damage. While a glossy wood surface asks for decorative picture frames, scratchy items straight onto the wood will result into surface scratches. The same is true for vases and even writing with a ball pen. So, it is important to treat wood with great respect and understand that surface requires protection. An attractive doily, vase or old fashioned writing surface complements the overall look of the wood.

Try to keep the wood under a shade. Caring for the real wood is not only limited to proper cleaning and handling, but also placing the same. Do you know UV rays dulls the sheen of the wood? Even it may lead to discoloring and drying. Even this holds true for interior woods as well. A wooden placed in front of a window sill dulls with passage of time. It is especially obvious when wood is shaded. Be mindful of the furniture is the trick.

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