Home Renovation – How To Choose Between Oak Or Walnut Wood

If you intend to fit wooden floors as part of your home renovation, you are likely to come across a wide variety of popular wood species, but non are more popular than oak and walnut woods. Use this guide to learn about the differences between the two wood species and choose the wood most suitable for your needs based on features from wood colours, strength to price.

Oak Wood

Oak is a type of tree which is extremely popular for the construction of many types of wooden structures and furniture. Oak is very strong, has a tight grain pattern and is easy to care for. It is available in natural or rural look (also known as rustic finish) and comes in a variety of finishes from oiled to smoked. Oak is considered best value for money out of the two.

Walnut Wood

Walnut wood originates from walnut tree, a family of over 21 species of trees found from Europe to Japan. Walnut is stronger compared to Oak, has an open grain pattern and as well is easy to care for. In terms of the wood look, over time the wood might turn lighter or become redden depending on the precise type of Walnut. Walnut is considered slightly more expensive compared to Oak.

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Both oak and walnut are widely available so product availability in this case should not be a concern. Clearly the two woods are very similar, so how to choose you ask? Well, look at the wood finish first of all and the grain markings. Like many aspects of home decor and design, at the end it will boil down to personal taste and your preferences. Many people consider walnut as real wood flooring because of it’s open grain patters, but certain oak finishes can get the same look.

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